यह एक ऐसा स्थान हैं, जहाँ पर हम राजनीति और नेताओं पर एक खास नज़रिये से बातचीत करते हैं, जो हमारी भिन्न स्तरों के नेताओं के साथ आमने सामने हुई चर्चाओं और उनके साथ किए गए शैक्षणिक और ज्ञानवर्धक कार्यक्रमों के अनुभवों पर आधरित होगा । हम आशा करते हैं, कि यह ब्लॉग हमारे प्रजातंत्र के अनछुए और प्रेरणादायक पहलुओ पर प्रकाश डालेगा और संभवत हम सभी को हमारी डेमोक्रेसी को जीवंत रखने के लिए व्यक्तिगत स्तर पर प्रयास करने के लिए रास्ता दिखायेगा ।

Friday, 5 December 2008

Young MPs respond to Mumbai terror Attacks- Alok Kumar Mehta, MP

Alok Kumar Mehta, MP

Samastipur, Bihar

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)

Today’s media represents the oasis of more powerful urban voices. They have the foremost task of being responsible and constructive in their approach. There is a large emotional element in such a situation. But managing this emotion can only happen through patience and tolerance. There have been unwarranted and irresponsible statements by some politicians. We as sensitive and normal human beings coming from the same society condemn it. But we also request the media to show their moral responsibility in such a national crisis.

I don’t want to comment on which section of society displays political apathy. But I have a humble question to ask: do we have any viable alternative to democracy? Democracy is tested institution across the world. Politicians emerge from the same society from where the voices of the common people emerge. The task before us is to reaffirm people’s faith in the system in a collaborative manner. I think we need to develop a consensus across party lines at every layer of society.


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