यह एक ऐसा स्थान हैं, जहाँ पर हम राजनीति और नेताओं पर एक खास नज़रिये से बातचीत करते हैं, जो हमारी भिन्न स्तरों के नेताओं के साथ आमने सामने हुई चर्चाओं और उनके साथ किए गए शैक्षणिक और ज्ञानवर्धक कार्यक्रमों के अनुभवों पर आधरित होगा । हम आशा करते हैं, कि यह ब्लॉग हमारे प्रजातंत्र के अनछुए और प्रेरणादायक पहलुओ पर प्रकाश डालेगा और संभवत हम सभी को हमारी डेमोक्रेसी को जीवंत रखने के लिए व्यक्तिगत स्तर पर प्रयास करने के लिए रास्ता दिखायेगा ।

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Young Politicians respond to the Mumbai Tragedy-Vinod Tawde, MLC

Vinod Tawde, 45 years,
MLC, Maharashtra, BJP

There are talks of appointing CEO for Mumbai and doing away with democracy. We should look at our neighbour and appreciate the value of democracy. There is a saying in Marathi- Aag se bhage aur andhi main bhanse! ( in escaping from fire one should not get into a storm)

People are right in expressing their anger, but the failure is not that of democracy. There have been lapses on the part of the people who are at the helm of affairs. Even opposition parties are responsible. We have to strengthen our security systems. Politicians need to be held more accountable. Politics has to focus on development and security.

The anger that people are expressing has to be channelled in higher participation in voting and politics. Voting is the best weapon that democracy offers.


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